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Sunday, 14 March 2010


"Kidbrooke in south London is home to the Ferrier Estate, one of the largest and most deprived council housing developments in London. The housing estate is due to be redeveloped, and consultations with residents are on-going."

A few of us headed to this estate last Sunday. The result is so strange, it's literally like you've been fast forward about 100 years. What was once a lively council estate home to thousands, is now a complete run down ghost town. Everyone has been slowly moved out so the whole thing can be knocked down and redeveloped.
"Ferrier was constructed by the London Borough of Greenwich on an old brownfield site to the east of Blackheath. The Ferrier Estate was built on two sites. Site A, approved in 1967, consisted of five 12-storey towers. Site B, approved in 1970, consists of six 12-storey towers. The estate was built using a system of concrete panels, usually manufactured on site rather like the Thamesmead estate in order to enable buildings to be erected quickly."

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