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Friday, 12 March 2010


I quite enjoy a good thai curry. I tend to use a few ingredients

Thai curry paste
coconut milk
red onion
then a mixture of any veg you fancy
eg carrots
sugarsnap peas
for spice add chillies/jalapenos

soy sauce
nam pla sauce

optional extras at the bottom

also some soy and nam pla sauce to add to the mix once milk is simmering

take the wok and add oil until warm, then add 2 tablespoons of thai curry paste

add the chicken to the wok, almost marinading it. Once chicken is coated add the onions and peppers and stir for a minute

Then add mushrooms and rest of the veg of your choice and add the can of coconut milk. give it a good stir.

leave for 10 15 minutes to simmer, 5 minutes before the end add the chillies and the spring onions into the mix also drop in some nam pla sauce and about a tablespoon of soy! lovely

Served over noodles. Or if you want boil noodles then cool down with cold water then add to the wok and stir them in. reason you cool the noodles is to stop them cooking when you add back to the wok

you can serve with naan or pitta. i like toasted naan with mango chutney dip. some sides of pakora or bhajis.


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