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Monday, 29 March 2010


This was too good a post for me to choose just one of my favorite kids toys, so i decided to pull out my action figure squad from 1997. From top we have:
- Ripster the street shark (halfmanhalfshark mutants in khaki shorts and roller blades that fought an evil geneticists and his dinosaurs!)
- Captain Planet (A superhero that could be summoned by 5 hippyish kids using elemental rings when 'Gaia' was threatened. The toy used to have a piece of string that came out of the caps back so you could swing him around to simulate flight. This, at the time, was second only in techyness to an eagle eyes action man.)
- Vinnie the biker mouse from mars (Halfhumanhalfmouse aliens from mars that rode around on harleys. Vinnie was the lady killer of the gang which is why i thought he was the coolest... The bestial nature of his flirtations were never obvious to me.)
- Bucky O'Hare (My favorite toy at the age of 8. Definitely the sickest space rabbit ever to wrap their green paws around a laser shooter. Ironically apparently the series was cancelled when the toy manufacturer underestimated demand, the shops sold out and kids lost interest.)
I lost all these toys when we moved house in 99. This theme has been a painful voyage to yesteryear, but i think i may now have closure... (Besides when hunting for photos on tinternet I've found specialist retro toy stores and bought them all again.)

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